Top 4 Best Harris Bipod’s For Long Range Hunting Under $100 [Amazon]

Hello gun lovers, Welcome to my brand new article. In this article we’ll going to cover the top 4 Best Harris Bipod For Hunting under $100.

If you are here then you well know that having the ideal hunting Bipod is very easier for your good hunting experience right.

Best Harris Bipod For Hunting

A bipod to your rifle will offer security and stability. With the first gain in the prevalence of Bipods, it’s high time that we concentrate on assisting you to choose the ideal Bipod for the usage. So without any farther a do let’s drive in to are article.

1. HBRS Harris Bipod

The Ultra-light HBRA Harris Bipods are manufactured with quality stainless steel and hard metals which is makes this bipod in next level.

Harris Bipods Harris Bipods
HBRS Bipod
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You can able to detachable this bipods and clamp with the rifles using a conventional stock design.

And the most impotent part is carrying your rifle with a shooting off-hand isn’t impeded by using a Harris Bipod.

Hinged foundations have tension modification to eliminate tremor or looseness in the crotch area of the Bipod.

These bipod’s possess an abysmal black anodized complete and attach to the sling swivel stud.


  • Suitable for shooting from a bench
  • Leg notch locking
  • Attaches to common sling swivel
  • Aluminum Alloy with some Steel Parts
  • Hard Rubber Leg Caps
  • 6″ to 9″ Adjust ability

Harris Bipod HBRS Model Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight Quick-Deployment
  • Aluminum Legs and Slim Profile
  • Quick Movement Stability
  • Heavy or Prone Shooting
  • High Tech Durable Aluminum
  • Easiest Adjustable Heights
  • Rubber feet add needed stability


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2. Harris Bipod HB25CS Extends from 13 1/2″ to 27″ Swivels

The following Haris Bipod on the listing is Harris Engineering HB25CS Solid Base that has a leg size of 13.1 inch to 27 inches. This is insane right.

3 1/2″ to 27″ Swivels (Tilts)3 1/2″ to 27″ Swivels (Tilts)
Harris Bipod HB25CS Extends
  • Harish Bipod:
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Similarly to the prior Harris Bipod, the leg height could be corrected in one-inch increments, which supplies you with four height choices.

The main and soo impotent part of this Bipod is so lightweight at 9.8 oz, making it fast to use. With its elevation, this version is best for off the bench shooting.

This Bipod made with high-grade anodized aluminum alloy, which is makes this Bipod more stability and durability.

Additionally, there are components of the Bipod that is made with tempered spring steel which enables it to survive longer.

Best Harris Bipod For Gun

And the dark matte finish for minimum glare gives this Bipod a killer looks and also a rubber foot pad gives this Bipod a better stability.

Moreover, this allows it to give stability during your use. The good foundation of the bipod can be mounted to many guns.

It usually means this bipod is versatile and flexible to use

Also this bipod allows the bipod for good attachment to the centre for extra stability, which also keeps staying at zero.


  1. Extends from 13.5″ to 27.
  2. Swivels (tilts) to compensate for uneven terrain.
  3. 100% made in the USA.
  4. Design to shoot from sitting position.
  5. Ultralight.

Harris Bipod HB25CS Pros & Cons


  • Good entry level Bipod
  • Four height settings from 6-9 inches
  • The legs eject by spring action
  • Constructed with hard alloys


  • Does Not Swivel

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3. Best Harris Bipod For Hunting

HBLS Harris Bipod Extends From 9″ To 13″ Swivels To Compensate For Uneven Terrain

This HBLS bipod is third most useful bipod in our list. So this is the bipod that we’ve opted to test out.

HBLS Harris Bipod extends from 9″ to 13″HBLS Harris Bipod extends from 9″ to 13″
HBLS Harris Bipod extends from 9″ to 13″
  • Swivels To Compensate For Uneven Terrain:
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That Bipod is could possibly on the Affordable price side. The main reason is this bipod comes with high-grade anodized aluminum alloy.

Its a really second-generation Leg Notch Bipod, which corrects each of the previous error from the previous edition.

The leg size of this bipod is 9 inch to 13 inches

Upon getting it, we discovered how they had been extremely lightweight and easy to adjust.

The elevation of the HBLS Harris Bipod can stretch from nine inches to 2 inches. It can be corrected in one-inch increments, meaning that you’ve got five height alternatives to choose from.

Legs on the Harris Engineering 1A2-LM Solid Base 9 to 13 Inches Bipod is spring-loaded, meaning that you can adjust it easily and it has supreme stability.

That Is stayed sturdy and super strong to use even if you mount a heavy rifle. This is sometimes used with other rifles, provided you use a mounting rail for a sturdy fit.


  • Extends from 9″ to 13″
  • Swivels to compensate for uneven terrain
  • Ultralight
  • 100% made in the USA

HBLS Harris Bipod Pros & Cons


  • Legs spring out quickly
  • Buff Springs offer Better Stability
  • Base’s tension can be adjusted
  • Total 7 height settings from 9-13 inches
  • Rotates to either side for prompt leveling to the ground


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